Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Voxitec?

Voxitec is a software development company that uses cutting-edge technology and knows how to prioritize our client's business goals and needs. Our business model centers on understanding your vision for your business endeavors and using the best practices in the industry along with clear communication for familiarity with your vision to ensure continuous delivery of the highest quality.

We deliver high-end web and mobile solutions considering each detail to make sure you get exactly what you imagined. Join us and watch as your thoughts spring to life in new and exciting ways. We shape the products and services that improve the lives of millions every single day.

We are a remote team made up of strongly cooperating individuals. Due to our optimized working procedures, we deal with our clients almost remotely, making the process easier and more effective than it has ever been. We take great pride in the fact that we serve clients from all over the world.

Which industries do you serve?

We are prepared for any challenge. Organizations from various sectors, including rental, sports, delivery, fintech, healthcare, and e-commerce, have chosen us for their digital product creation. We are open to serving additional industries as well.

What is the typical cost estimation for project services?

The cost of each custom web app project is calculated individually, based on its complexity and the number of special features needed.

What is the current headcount of the development team?

The typical project team is composed of individuals who specialize in various areas of expertise, including front-end and back-end development, user interface/user experience design, and project management and analysis. The number of team members may vary depending on the size and complexity of the project.

What is the average length of time for the completion of a project?

The length of time required for our projects to be completed will mostly depend on the estimate provided at the start. As a team, Voxitec is dedicated to working on each project full-time. Typically, our projects take anywhere from 2 weeks to 5 months to complete.

Is there a minimum requirement for projects you take on?

For those who desire to work with us, there are no entry requirements. However, we do believe that designing a product cannot be completed in a short amount of time. It requires research, analysis, and planning. Therefore, we have established a minimum project length of 30 hours and welcome anyone who is interested in working with us.

Is it safe to work with your company?

We always have our customers sign an NDA to protect their original ideas and confidential information. Additionally, we maintain transparency in the project by providing weekly progress reports and presentations through our project manager to ensure its progress is on track.

Is it possible to commence the design phase without the creation of wireframes?

Wireframes play a crucial role in creating a user experience that is free from distractions.They are crucial steps in the design process and should not be skipped. By perfecting the wireframe, we are able to reduce the need for changes and revisions during the later design stages, which ultimately saves both time and money.

Do you offer your services to both startups and established organizations?

Voxitec is keen to work together on whatever initiative we come across because we are all in favor of creating a world with no boundaries.

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CONTACT - US - +94 74 347 1733

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